3 type of searches should I run on my computer with Recover Files

When you lose data and information on your computer due to so many different reasons including system failure, careless deletion, viruses, or any other reasons. There are three basic searches you could start from in order to retrieve your data. In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at them hoping that any of the three searches will help you get your data back instantly.

  1. Search in your recycle bin

When you carelessly or unknowing delete a file, the first search you should always consider is the recycle bin. If you are lucky enough and the file was not of a large size, then you will find the file here and you can easily restore it. All you need to do is open the recycle bin, locate the file you want to restore, right click on that particular file and select the restore option. This file will be automatically restored to its previous location like it was never lost or deleted. Understand that large files are not always in the recycle bin, they are deleted permanently because the recycle bin is not able to handle large file capacities.

  1. Stop accessing drive containing lost data

If you cannot locate your missing data in the recycle bin, then you should not delete or save any document from your computer. When you delete a file from a computer, it is never really gone, you, however, increase the chances of not getting the files back when you delete any extra data or save any extra data. This is because the new data will overwrite the previously deleted data. Leave your computer as it is and try to use recovery software to get the data back. Most recent deleted files or lost files are usually the easiest to find.

  1. Search and download a recovery program but on another drive or computer

Because of the reason stated above, make sure you save the downloaded file to a different drive or computer. Here is a list of the most popular and easy to use data recovery programs

Glara Undelete


Pluran File Recovery


Try and download a version that is portable, this will help you run it from a USB directly and you won’t have to install it. Note that not every data recovery program has these feature so ensure you ascertain before downloading it.


The data recovery software’s are pretty straightforward and easy to use. Sometimes all you need to do is check your recycle bin and you will have solved your problem without any hustle whatsoever. You should, therefore, make it a priority to go through your recycle bin before concluding that you need data recovery software.